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Creeptures are unique, handsculpted and painted 3D monsters. Created from scratch, without using premade assets or templates, these are sculpted on an IPad with Nomad and then brought to life inside Houdini by adding more details, motion, textures and light.


#10 Cassandra - Edition of 25

NiftyGateway Open Edition

#20 - Dunafu



What do I get?

Besides a seamlessly looping, dope looking NFT there is some special unlockable content:

- Still picture to use as avatar

- 3D file to use in MetaVerse

- Mp4 and Gif file to flex in social media

- The chance of early access for future limited edtion drops

Should I buy?

Imagine NFTs and all Cryptos going to zero, would you still be happy owning a CREEPTURE?  


GEN1 comes with special utitily! For more information please check out discord:

  • discord-icon-43736
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